Woodlands Wolves Pitching Clinic

A number of weeks ago, I was emailed by Richard. After a few emails back and forward, the Wolves Pitching Clinic was organised and Perth Softball Academy had their first official client!

Where is all begun

It was ironic that the location of my first clinic would be back at the oval in which my Softball career began! It was 2003 when I first took the field with Bayswater Morley. The field was Birralee Reserve, home of the Mighty Stirling Centrals. These two juggernauts battled for many a year and I was about to enter the fray. I took the place of Stephen Oliver, after his finger was split open by a stray dropball delivered by Liam Byrne.  I could not yet throw, after a shoulder reconstruction, however a few pitches later I picked a walk and thus started my career with the Red White and Blue. It would be the only game I played at this ballpark, but what a spectacular field!

Wolves Pitching Clinic Begins

Right where were we. I arrived and to my surprise met with fellow board member Russell. Rus pointed me in the direction of Richard and I was able to put a name to a face. We swiftly moved from a general conversation, into our pitching session. I worked with 7 pitchers on the night and we worked through a pitching overview and even a few rise and curveballs being thrown by the end of the night. Later that night we all shared a few beers, a feed and listened to some typical Softball banter! All in all it was a great night and I look forward to hearing the feedback from the guys on over the next couple of weeks. Good luck to the Division 6 & 7 Carine and Woodland Wolves Boys!

2 thoughts on “Woodlands Wolves Pitching Clinic

  1. Richard says:

    Being a new team we were appreciative of any input into our skills, pitching had been the one skill that we had not been able to get assistance with, with Mark’s help we picked up extra speed, accuracy and introduced a few new pitches. It has helped our team tremendously including boosting the morale of the team.

    I cannot thank Mark enough, he was easy to get along with, a wealth of knowledge and a superb tutor. We look forward to having him back soon.

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