Mark Harris – Australian Steeler

Mark Harris is a Former Australian Steeler. He currently runs many clinics around the Perth Metro area and throughout Western Australia. He’s played with the Western Blaze on over 13 occasions. Marks positions include Outfield, Catching and recently Pitching. Marks played Fastpitch Softball in Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Singapore and all around Australia. Harris has specialised in the running game and combining both the short and long game.

Recently Mark Harris has been the Head Coach of the State Under 17 Boys Fastpitch Softball Team. He’s coached state teams for over 15 years. During this time his enjoyed many successes including a 2nd place finish in 2015. This team had previously not won a game in the year before Mark became coach.

Mark can run personalised training session for all fielding positions along with batting, butting and slapping drills. These session can include Teams. He can assist coaches preparing their training and the assessment of their team and players. Sessions are very flexible and offers parents some in depth knowledge and skills they can take away to assist with their child’s development outside of the one on one clinics.